Student Registration

1. Log into My Student Center

Visit and click My Student Center to log into My Student Center.

For additional assistance, reference How to Log into My Student Center.

From outside UT Health San Antonio, (off campus) you must go through duo-factor authentication to connect to the campus information.  Click the following link for detailed information and assistance setting up the necessary software:  

If you need password assistance, contact the IMS Heldesk and (210)567-7777, email [email protected].  

2. Click the Manage Classes Tile

3. Click Class Search and Enroll

4. Select appropriate Term

Academic Year terms are for Medical and Dental (MD and DDS) students only.  All other students use the traditional Fall, Spring, Summer terms.

5. Search for the course

Use keyword like Subject, Course Number, or Title to search for classes.

For example, to search for course PHYT 8221 Clinical Experience 4, you can begin by searching using just the subject code PHYT. We could also have searched for the whole course subject and course number, PHYT 8221, or for any word in the title, i.e. "Experience".

Review the search results.

If needed, use additional filters to narrow down search results or go back to Class Search and attempt a new search.

6. Select a course from the Class Search Results

7. Choose a section within the class

Click on one of the available class options to begin the registration process. To see more information about the section, click the section link.

If you cannot select the specific class section to begin the registration process, then enrollment may not be open for this section. Contact [email protected] or 210-567-2621 with registration questions.

8. Review your Class Selection, then click Next

9. Review Class Preferences, enter any needed information, and click Accept

Courses that require permission or have variable semester credit hours will need you to provide additional information prior to registration. If prompted for permission, click Accept or enter a permission number if provided by the department.

Most departments do not assign permission using numbers. Clicking Accept without a permission number should be sufficient. If unable to continue, contact your department for permission to enroll in the class.

10. Select "Enroll" or "Add to Shopping Cart", and click Next button.

If you are not provided an option between "Enroll" or "Add to Shopping Cart", then registration has not yet opened. The class will only be added to the Shopping Cart. The classes will remain in your Shopping Cart until registration has opened and you complete the registration process by accessing your Shopping Cart and submitting a request to Enroll.  Note that the Enroll button in the Shopping Cart will not appear until registration has opened.  You may need to refresh the page to see the Enroll button on the Shopping Cart after registration opens.

11. Review class selection and click Submit

12. Review Confirmation Page

A message will appear confirming your registration or letting you know if enrollment was unsuccessful.

For any additional questions or issues with registration, please contact [email protected] or call 210-567-2621.


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