Registrar HelpStudentsRegistrationGeneralAdd/Drop Class eForm - For Late Registration Only

Add/Drop Class eForm - For Late Registration Only

This form should only be used when open class registration is not available through My Student Center.

You can use this form to modify your enrollment by:

  • Adding a class
  • Dropping a class
  • Swapping two classes (i.e. dropping one class in order to add another class)
  • Modifying semester credit hours for an eligible class

1. Log into My Student Center

Reference How to Log into My Student Center for instructions on logging in.

2. Click on the Registrar Forms tile

3. Select 'Start an Add/Drop Class eForm'

4. Select a term

You cannot modify your enrollment in a term that has been completed.

5. Select Add, Drop, Swap, or Modify

6. Select and Update Class Information

Add a Class

6.1. Click the look up icon

6.1.1. Use the Search Criteria to search and select your class
6.1.2. (If a variable unit class) Update the credit hours
Drop/Modify a Class

6.1. Select a class using the drop down

Only your enrolled classes appear in this drop down.

6.2. (If modifying) Update the New Credit Hours value

Swap a Class

A swap is a class that is being added and a class that is being dropped.

Reference sections on Adding and Dropping classes.

7. (Optional) Leave a Comment

Comments can be seen by all reviewers, become a part of your student record, and cannot be deleted.

8. Click Submit

You will receive an email confirmation as soon as you click Submit.

9. (Optional) Review Workflow and Follow Up on Status

Review instructions for Reviewing the Status of an eForm