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Residency Questionnaire - Changing Your Status to Texas Resident

The Office of the University Registrar will determine if students are a Texas Resident or Non-Texas Resident. To make this determination, students must answer a set of questions determined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) per the Texas Administrative Code Rule §21.25. This determination impacts a student's tuition rate.

The Residency Questions have been coded as an electronic form for students who have access to My Student Center. The below instructions show how to access and submit this form.

If you are not eligible to be coded as a Texas Resident, there are other ways to get the in-state tuition rate or assistance with tuition! Contact the Veteran Services & Financial Aid Office for assistance.

1. Log into My Student Center

Reference How to Log into My Student Center for instructions on logging in.

2. Click on the Registrar eForms Tile

Homepage - Mozilla Firefox

3. Select 'Start Residency Questionnaire' to Access the Form

If you do not see 'Start Residency Questionnaire' as an available option, then you may already be designated as a Texas Resident. Please contact for assistance.

Form Family Landing Page - Mozilla Firefox

4. Complete the Form

The form will guide you through a series of questions. Answers to your questions may cause other questions to appear. As soon as you have completed all required questions on the form, click submit.

Most submissions of this questionnaire will require supplemental documentation! If you are required to submit documentation, the form will provide details on what and where to submit documentation.

Allow up to 10 business days after submitting all documentation for an official determination.

G3FORM_FLUID - Mozilla Firefox
G3FORM_FLUID - Mozilla Firefox

5. (Optional) Review Workflow and Follow Up on Status

Review instructions for Reviewing the Status of an eForm


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