Change of Grade eForm

The Grade Change form is used by staff and faculty to modify the grade of a student in the official student record.

Video Overview of the Change of Grade eForm

1. Log into My Student Center

Reference How to Log into My Student Center for instructions on logging in.

2. Click the Registrar Forms tile

3. Select the Start a Change of Grade eForm navigation

4. Use the Search Fields to Select a Class

Use the magnifying glass icon next to the 'Term' field to assist you in finding the correct term.

You can only search for classes that you have permission to modify grades. This permission is set on the Schedule of Classes. If you cannot find the class you need, contact your department or dean office to ensure that you have been given access to grade or approve grades for the specific class. Contact for additional assistance.

If your search criteria brings up only one row, then clicking search will automatically take you into the form.

5. Review the Class Information

This is to ensure that you have selected the correct class.

6. Use the look up icon to select the student

You cannot select a student unless they are enrolled in the class.

If you do not see the student you are looking for, first verify that you have selected the correct class. Then ensure that the student is actually enrolled in the class. Contact for assistance.

Advanced Searching Information

You can sort students by last name by clicking the Description heading. If you want to search by an individual student, expand the Search Criteria section and search by Value (HSC ID) or Description (Last Name,First Name). Use %First Name to search by first name, or click 'Show Operators' to search by 'contains' instead of 'begins with'.

7. Review the prior grade and select a new grade

The previous grade is listed. Select the look up icon to select a value for the new grade.

Only available grades for this class are listed under the New Grade look up icon. If you do not find the grade you wish to assign, contact

8. Select a Grade Change Reason

9. (Optional) Leave a Comment

Comments placed on this form are subject to review by the student per FERPA and are maintained in the student's record.

Select the Comments heading to optionally leave a comment.

10. Click Submit


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