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Entering Grades in the Faculty Center

Video Instructions

See  How to Log into My Student Center  for instructions on how to find My Student Center or use this direct link:

If you are logging in from off-campus, you will need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in order to access My Student Center.

3. A view of the  classes from the last term you accessed will appear.  Change the term if necessary.

4. Click the Grade Roster icon next to the class

The list of classes defaults to only showing 20 at a time. Click 'View All' to see all the classes to which you have access.

If you do not see the class in this list, then you may not be listed as faculty/staff on this class in the Schedule of Classes. Contact your Department or Dean's Office to determine who is responsible for updating Faculty/Staff on the Schedule of Classes for this course.

The Grade Roster icon next to the course only appears when the class has ended based on the end date listed in the Schedule of Classes. If the class is complete and you still do not see this icon, contact the Office of the University Registrar at

5. Assign a grade to each student

The grade roster only shows 20 students at a time by default. Use the navigational buttons towards the top right of the screen to view the other students in the course.

Grades can be added manually using the drop down menu next to each student.

The same grade can be added to multiple students by using the 'add this grade to selected students' button at the bottom of the roster.

Check individual student boxes or use the 'Select All' and 'Clear All' links to determine which students will be assigned the grade.

6. Select an Approval Status

Do not change the Approval Status until you are finished entering all grades. 

If you change the approval status early, then you won't be able to enter any more grades. Contact the Registrar for assistance.

Ready for Review - Grades are entered and awaiting Approval from Course Director or Primary Instructor. Once you select this, you cannot modify or enter any more grades. If grades need to be updated after this status was selected, contact the Office of the Registrar to reset the status of the grade roster to 'Not Reviewed'.

Approved - Grades are entered correctly and ready to be posted on the official record

The Approval Status of “Approved” is available only to faculty members. Once grades are set to approved, they are posted overnight. The following day the grades are available for students to view in Self Service. Grade changes made after grades are posted must be submitted using the Grade Change e-form available on My Student Center-Registrar E-Forms tile. E-form instructions can be accessed here.

If an instructor attempts to Approve the grades, but does not have the 'Approved' option in the drop down, please ensure the class in the Schedule of Classes is set to allow this individual to 'Approve' the grade.

7. Save the Grade Roster

Downloading the Grade Roster

The Grade roster can be downloaded to a spreadsheet using the “Download” icon at the top of the name/grade roster.

For assistance, please contact or call 210-567-2621.


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