Advisor Center

See How to Log into My Student Center for instructions on how to find My Student Center or use this direct link to get to it:

Access the Advisor Center Tile

The first time you access the Advisor Center tile (and once a year thereafter), a FERPA panel will appear to remind you of your obligations to keep the information confidential.  You must read and Agree to the statements before you can continue.

From this panel, you can  

  1. View student's photos by accessing the photo icon to the left of each name.
  2. Email individual students by clicking on the student's name
  3. Email (notify) some are all students using the notify buttons on the bottom of the list.
  4. Access individual student's information by clicking on View Student Details.

View Student Details

This panel may take a awhile to pull up.  

From this panel you can:

  1. Access grades, view and print an unofficial transcript, or view courses taken by accessing the "other academic" pull down menu.
  2. See if the student has and Holds or To-Do items.
  3. See address, phone number, email and emergency contact information.

Choices under the "Other Academic..." pull down menu.  To access, select an item then click the go button (>>) on the bottom right.

Course History

Here you can see a student's complete course history (taken at UT Health).  Panel will show courses completed (with grades) and those in progress as well as any transfer credit.


This panel shows grades and term GPA (not cumulative GPA).  Click on Change Term button to see other terms.

Transcript: View Unofficial

Here you can view and print (if needed) an unofficial transcript.  This same functionality is available to students in their Student Center, although their access looks different.

Select Student Unofficial Transcript from the Report Type area.  Click on View Report button.

This will require that you allow pop-ups from this website on your browser.

Click on the Student Center after any of these panels to get back to Advisee Student Center.  

To view another student, use the *Change Advisee" pull down and click the Change button.

Need assistance?  Contact the Office of the Registrar at or 210-567-2621.  


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